Art Lesson for the Curious

Art Lesson for the Curious
In my work as a teacher and art coach I’m often asked if there’s a book I would recommend on color. I’m always reluctant to suggest a book because I rarely see a book that teaches it really well. The problem in teaching color is that it’s hard to really transfer the system of color theory to art making. There is a disconnect between the knowledge about and intuitive application of color.
My approach is to offer experiences that allow a person to become more familiar with colors in an intuitive way. Then I bring in color theory based on their experience of a color and what they used. This makes the learning more tangible.
It’s been awhile since I gave an art experience to Art and Ideas followers. You don’t have to be a visual artist to benefit from it. Here it is.
Find something red in your house and set it in front of a bright window. Take several deep breaths down into your gut. This will make you more attuned to the color. Now notice how that color makes you feel. Does the color excite you? Does it relax you? Does the light hit this red object directly? Does it warm the color of your object? Do certain associations occur when you look at this red object?
After this experience you intuitively become familiar with a shade of red and the effects of the light. Your personal experience with a color will always help develop your knowledge of color theory. —Shaqe (shacha)
PS: If you’re interested in working with me through a visual art coaching relationship, contact me at  I’m offering a free half-hour session by phone for people I haven’t coached by phone before. I can then explain the effectiveness of email and phone sessions.

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