The Fascinating Process of Going into a Work of Art…

The Fascinating Process of Going into a Work of Art…
Last week I re-introduced you to to one of my artworks: “Albuquerque Man 1” (part of the “Cityology” photography Project).
Looking at artwork is a key way to alter your perceptions, thus allowing you to experience what the artist experiences when they initially create their art. In past emails I described a technique called VTS (visual thinking strategy) to explore art. This is where you enter the artwork by describing what you see, and then interpreting what you see. I’ve shown this photograph in a few audiences, and this is how they described Albuquerque Man 1….
“The man looks like he’s in his 60s. He has a scraggly grey beard. He has a gentle smile. He has direct eye contact with you. He has wrinkles on his face. His eyes look soft. He seems happy — you can see this by his gentle smile. He has a fuscia shirt. He is wearing a cowboy hat. There is a black strap that surrounds his hat. He has a flag on his hat and emblem of some kind. The background is cement and you can see a car and trees behind the wall.”
(Another group of people thought differently about him…)
“He’s homeless. He is overly patriotic. He looks mean. He needs a haircut.”
So what do you notice that wasn’t stated here. Do you interpret him differently? (you can respond in an email to me)
Now from me, the artist’s point of view: I was walking around Albuquerque and I found many intriguing people to photograph — this is what initiated this project.. As soon as I saw “Albuquerque Man 1,” I became super-excited. I ran over to him, because I didn’t want to miss this shot. I couldn’t keep my eyes off him because his whole paraphenalia interested me — especially his beard and hat. As soon as I got close I looked at his eyes, and they were soft and light. I was so nervous that he would not agree to the photograph. But when I asked him he responded with a yes. I was jumping up and down inside. I felt I’d captured a kind of timelessness.
To collect an archival print of “Albuquerque Man 1,” send me an email of your interest, and I will let you know about the size and rate.



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