I have been writing you lately on how early experiences directly affect creativity, talking about my early experiences of being raised in America, while also growing up in an Albanian culture. It was a huge contrast which in turn affected my perceptions. I attribute this “duplex” way of living as being a conduit to my creativity. Last week I wrote about comedian John Cleese who attributed early experiences of moving a lot and being exposed to many kinds of people, which in turn affected his creativity.
I’ve worked on many projects over my 25-year career as an artist. (However, I’ve been making art since I was 8 years old; I’m only counting my professional life over the last 25 years.) My perceptions were directly affected because of my experience of living two cultures simultaneously. One project I’ve been calling “Cityology” explores how similar people migrate in the same location.
Mike and I spent 4 months in Albuquerque in 2009. That is where I began this project. And below is one of my first photo portraits that began this project — and truly one of my favorites.
You can participate by responding…. What do you notice about him? Explain any interpretations about him that you have.
To collect an archival print and look at him in your own home, contact me at shacha@imshacha.com
More about him and this project in the next email…



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