What Specific Early Experiences Affect Creativity the Most?

What Specific Early Experiences Affect Creativity the Most?
I recently read (most of) So Anyway, an autobiography by John Cleese, the Monty Python actor/comedian and creativity expert. In it he shares some significant factors that affected his creativity the most. He spoke of his early experience as most significant:
He and his family moved often when he was young, so he was able to meet and experience different people in his early life. He says this experience of living in different places and meeting different people and viewpoints encouraged his creativity — and it’s something that aids creativity in general.
Last week I shared with you my own significant early experiences of living in two cultures simultaneously. I too felt this was a game-changer in my own creativity. I saw two different worlds simultaneously. When I went to school I experienced another world, and when I came home I felt as if I was in a different space and time.
So what “moving” early childhood experiences affected your creativity?
Next, week I’ll share some thoughts about a photography project that explores identity in various parts of the country.



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