A secret most people don’t know about me…

 A secret most people don’t know about me…
I am an Albanian-American (but that’s not the secret). I was born in Montenegro (former Yugoslavia). I was one year old when I came with my family to Detroit. Although I lived in America ever since, I often felt I lived in two cultures. When I was in school or with other kids I felt American, but when I was home and with extended family I felt Albanian.
This experience of living in two cultures simultaneously affected me greatly. It gave me insight about people and cultures that I would never have learned in the classroom.
The one thing that was obvious was the different social rules that you had to follow within the Albanian culture. Some of these rules included certain roles for both men and women. For instance, most people don’t know this about me, but I was almost in an arranged marriage when I was 18. I did not go through with it, because of my immersion in American culture and having different options.
After this experience I wanted nothing to do with Albanian culture. As I got more immersed in American culture in my 20s, I saw the cultural rules in American culture as well. Many of these cannot be seen due to our cultural immersion, but they exist.
This cultural perspective opened up a new doorway artistically.  It gave me a perceptual shift that allowed me to see from a different vantage point about American culture. One of my artworks that explored this was American Woman. The print is 4 feet by 6 feet and was shown at the Modern Museum of Art in Saitamo, Japan. Below is the image of the print. In it are images that construct some of the experiences of American Women.
If you would like to own a reduced-size version of American Woman, you can buy a poster or an archival poster (meaning it will last 250 years) of this print.
American Woman Print Poster 1  American Woodblock art.Bl1
The Print                                         The Woodblock
A signed 11″ by 17″ poster, unframed, is $39 (you can choose between the two kinds above)
A signed 18″ by 28″ archival poster, unframed, is $120 (only offered for the above version no the left): one framed one is now available for $150 (a deal–it costs about $40 to frame it).
Limited availability for the archival. (And of course the original 4’x6′ print is also available!)
And free standard shipping!
Email (imshachaatme.com) me back about your interest in which you one you would like to purchase. You can either pay by Paypal or check.
Own the print  so you can thoroughly explore the images of cultural roles for American Women. I think the artwork does it better than me explaining it in words!

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