The Ebb and Flow of Nature and Creativity: Free Kennedy Center presentation available

The Ebb and Flow of Nature and Creativity
Free Kennedy Center presentation available (see below)
On the East Coast we’re experiencing a lot of snow. I’m told that it’s more than usual from natives in Northampton, Massachusetts (we recently moved from New York to western Mass. several months ago). I have heard from people in the Midwest who say they too are experiencing a lot of snow as well.
But I have always loved this time of year. It’s always serene to look at the snow coming down. I don’t even mind the cold weather. I have always appreciated the season change and the experience of each season.
After working in the arts and creativity for over 25 years, I can verify there are  parallel season changes in creativity. There are times when your ideas can flourish and other times when you can’t muster the energy to create anything. For some it could be parallel to the actual season changes. But this flow from bliss to resistance is a natural part of the creative process. So just as you have “cold” flows in nature, it’s also experienced in the creative process. What I find for myself and my clients is resistance is in fact a conduit to great work. What often happens when resistance is experienced is you want to either move away from it or do something that is easier. Learning to maneuver resistance becomes an asset.
Now available is a link to a recording of the Kennedy Center web presentation I broadcast over a week ago called “Tools and Techniques for Artists with and without Disabilities: How to Handle Resistance in the Creative Process.” This online presentation goes right into understanding resistance and creative blocks. It gives you an introduction to how maneuver it, with six tools offered in this webinar — totally free. Watch it at your convenience.
To access a recording of the Webinar:
1.       Visit to view the Webinar. You will be prompted to enter your email address and contact information prior to viewing the webinar. (Feel free to share this link with anyone who might benefit!)
2.       You must have Windows Media 9 or higher to view the recorded Webinar.


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