I am not much of a football fan. In fact, Mike often makes fun of me because the only football player I really know is Rothlessberger (however you spell his name). So I might watch a little of a game, but I’m not even close to the fans that can’t wait for Super Bowl Sunday.
So what do I like about the game? You might say I like to be an onlooker for how excited everyone is about the Big Game. I’m more interested in doing a study of the people who watch and participate on this “holiday.” (Yes, it could be considered a holiday — almost like Christmas is a holiday and, for most, a spiritual day.)
I do find the football players intriguing. I have included football players into my paintings and I will continue to explore them as potent subject matter. I’m also interested in those who broadcast the event. Their enthusiasm is lively and full of conviction as they eagerly speak about the plays.
To tell you the truth I will get tired of watching today’s game after about 15 minutes. But the commercials are especially interesting to me. It’s evident that there’s a lot of money and creativity going into this single event.
So I’m hoping you can help me out with my own artistic process. I would like to know if you are a Super Bowl fan, and if so why or why not. And if you are, let me know what you look forward to and what keeps you interested.
Your participation is appreciated.

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